Monday, January 26, 2009

Beginner/Intermediate Trip - Dodge to Oxbow

Fifteen hardy kayakers tramped through the snow Sunday to put in at Dodge Park for the first Beginner/Intermediate trip of 2009. At 2,130 cfs, water covered many of the rocks but was not pushy. Waves in the middle of Pipeline Rapid prompted one swim - I've usually aimed more for the left side of the main flow. The wave at the bottom was tempting to the surf-inclined boaters, but few got very good rides. The wave right of center a couple rapids down also got quite a bit of attention and provided much better rides. Does anyone have names for these rapids, besides Pipeline? Then down past the long playground, the breaking wave at the bottom got a lot of interest, but again not too many good rides.

The rapid a half mile above Indian John Island caused one more swim. It used to be the left channel had the most flow and had a good wave or two in it, but over the last year or so, the middle channel has been eroded deeper and most of the flow goes there. The old left channel is bony and pretty treacherous to the unsuspecting.

From here on out, it was paddle, paddle, paddle. The river is pretty flat and relatively featureless. We saw many fishermen, most running cats down the river. I did not see any fish.

To avoid the entry fee and the slow, tedious drive through Oxbow Park, we took out at the youth camp immediately down stream. This location is about 1 1/2 miles past the boat ramp at Oxbow. It was a beautiful day with fresh snow in the trees, but blue sky and sun overhead. Thanks to Jim and Shell for leading the trip.

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