Saturday, December 5, 2009

Annual Meeting

Our OKCC Annual Meeting at the Iron Horse Restaurant was well attended, with about 30 folks taking time away from the big Oregon-Oregon State football game. Election of Board Members was the main order of business. New Board Members are Markus Fant, Russ Pascoe, Dick Sisson, and Chris Watson.
Retiring members include Shannon Crosswhite, Michael Williams, Jim Funk and Ann Stephenson. They each deserve a big 'Thank you' for all they have done for the OKCC.
Other changes of interest are that Sue Scheppele and Anthony Wakeman are coordinating the Intermediate Progression this season. Patrick is taking over the Beginner Progression. Denny Egner is coordinating the Clinics this season. More information about the clinics will appear soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roaring River Slalom August 29-30

It's back for its third year!
Don't miss this chance to paddle slalom and improve your skills on an easy stretch of the Clackamas River, just below Roaring River Rapid. This event is for improving boat control, developing strategies to make moves between gates, and having fun. It's always interesting and sometimes instructive to watch the lines and strokes other paddlers use to get through the gates you struggle with.
August 29 is Practice Day. Put your boat in the water and try the course. Canoes, kayaks, IKs, etc., are all welcome. The course will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Slalom paddling clinics are planned, times TBA.
August 30 features timed runs and Race Day - Entry fee is $10, plus $5 insurance fee for non-ACA members. There will be race categories for canoes and kayaks. Emphasis is on achieving your personal best. Making all the gates cleanly is always a thrill, no matter how long it takes. Expert slalom paddlers from the League of Northest Whitewater Racers will also compete - they are impressive to watch!
For more information, see
Club sponsors include the OKCC and LCCC.

Monday, June 29, 2009

LWS Pre-Picnic Paddle

Saturday we had an easy run down the Lower White Salmon prior to the OKCC Picnic. Maybe we had a 'kayaker's dozen', somewhere between 8 and 20. Actually, we were 11. I'd thought we'd have a playful boogey run with a long stop at the Cave Wave, but we had a chance to practice our rescue skills and simply getting through the rapids right side up. With absolutely wonderful weather, we couldn't help but have a good time. As the video shows, a few of us had good rides on the Cave Wave, although by then others were simply looking for an opportunity to get out of their boats and relax. Level on the stick gauge at Husum was 2.75' - I think the wave will be a little easier when it drops just a little. Everyone was smiling on the paddle out so 'a good time was had by all.'
The Picnic was waiting for us, thanks to Mark, and it was excellent. You'll have to look elsewhere for pictures of the picnic itself - they're somewhere out there in cyberspace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beginner Progression #1 – Summer/Fall ‘09

Nineteen boaters showed up for the 2009 summer kickoff of the OKCC Beginner Progression. We ran the classic Barton to Carver, but at 1500-1600 on the 3Lynx gauge, there were only a few good eddies to practice in, and fishermen had taken over one of them.

Thanks to numerous safety boaters, there were only a few minor yard sales and no real carnage. Note to new boaters: Have floatbags actually in your boat and attach all outfitting.

Most of the swims happened while practicing eddy turns, but as a major point of the trips is to provide a safe environment for practicing boat handling skills, that was great. Keep up the good work!

We had an interesting collection of IKs and hardshells, but no canoes this trip – although canoes are welcome. Keep in mind these trips usually don’t stop for lunch.

It was great to see both new and old faces on the river; please come back next month.

July's trip – subject to river levels – will be McIver to Paradise Park. If time permits, we’ll do it twice. Email the week prior to the event for up-to-date information.

For questions about the beginner trips, email or

Beginner Progression Schedule:

July 12 - McIver to Paradise – subject to water conditions

Aug 9 - TBA

Sep 13 - TBA

Oct 11 - TBA

Nov 8 – TBA

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Intermediate Trip May 17th

Eight of us headed down the Washougal River on the OKCC Intermediate Trip last Sunday. It was the warm sunny spring day we all had been waiting for. Puting-in at the fishing access at mile 8 1/2, we could enjoy the many class 2 rapids above and just below Big Eddy. From the beginning, the plan was to portage class 4 Big Eddy. It's a bit of a chore, but it's pretty straightforward to scramble along at water level and get back on the water while still in the Clark County Park, avoiding the ' no trespassing' signs plastered all over the property below. My understanding is that we have legal access to the bank up to the high water mark anyway. Two experienced boaters in the group ran the rapid.

At the gauge reading of 5.60', the little 'Helicopter Wave' below the Mt. Norway Bridge was in, and most of us gave it a try. It's really a good place to get the hang of spinning in a reversal, although it gets to be pretty easy once you get it figured out.

A few of us tried the hole at about mile 5 1/2. It wasn't very retentive. I always seem to get blown out the left hand side.

Cougar Creek rapids were pretty fun. With the eddies well defined, eddy-hopping was the name of the game. Unfortunately, one of the guys flipped in the drop right by the creek and banged his head, eventually requiring 5 stitches behind his ear. After a brief recovery, he was able to continue.

From there on down to the fishing access at MP 3, it's boogey water. At this medium low level, there just aren't many playable features in this stretch. With the warm, sunny weather, a lot of folks were along the river banks, swimming, playing banjo, and having a drink or two.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EJ's OKCC Playboat Clinics

This year the OKCC has been offering ongoing playboat clinics thanks to EJ Etherington. They have been a huge success! There is one more for the year on June 6th. This is video footage of the May 2nd class. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Second Annual Women's Boofing Clinic April 25, 2009

Women's Boof / Waterfall Clinic

Kim Karper has done it again. She organized the second annual women's boofing clinic on the East Fork of the Lewis on April 25th, 2009. James Bagley Jr. led this trip, while Jason Schroeder was setting safety along the river, and Kate Wagner helped with safety on Sunset Falls. It was 580 cfs that day with an intermittent light rain.

It was an exciting day for all of us. James, Jason and Kate drove long distances to be able to support this clinic. For that, we are all very grateful. The rest of the crew included Kristin, Christine, Jenna, Brandi, Lauri, Aleece, Kim and Tracy. This was a first time running this river for a few of us, so nerves were strung tight for some.

The short 2+ warm up above Sunset Falls was enough to familiarize ourselves with our boats and get comfortable. Then Sunset Falls came into view. We stopped to scout, set up safety and, well, some of us just plain stalled. After some instructions from our fearless leader, James, we all ran Sunset Falls. What a blast! Most of us ran it twice or even three times. There were a few uneventful swims, which were dealt with quickly by the safety boaters. One gal decided that this was not her run and walked off. We've all been there, I'm sure. I respectfully admire her ability to make the decision that was best for her.

After Sunset Falls, we ran a few smaller rapids and came upon Sky Pilot, which is a series of 3 drops in rapid succession. The first drop had a hole that liked to stern squirt the boat and briefly pin the paddler against the rock on the left. Kim informed us that this would happen and told us to just "stern squirt, flip, hit the rock, wait a second and roll up". Those that took that line did exactly as she told us. Some of us decided to sneak the right side to avoid the whole playboating experience.

The next major rapid was Screaming Left and Dragon's Back. One brave gal paddled the right line with ease. Looking at the right line, we could see the undercut and a pin potential, but she ran it anyway. We all let out a collective sigh and a smile afterwards. A few others decided to make the move from eddy right, ferry to the left and hit the left side drop, making it look very easy. The rest of us decided to drop in at the fork, so we didn't have to try to make the move to the left. One paddler decided to do the drop backwards and did it with style! Dragon's Back, which is a large boulder on the right after Screaming Left, requires a flare to make the turn to the left. From where I could see, this boulder only got one swimmer.

After Dragon's Back, Hippy John's Swimming Hole rapid was run cleanly by all. Whew. On to the big one: Horseshoe Falls. Some of us thought we may portage this one. Then we looked at the portage route and thought, heck, I'd rather run it. What an amazing waterfall! We took the entrance on the middle right, beside the log, did the slide and dropped right over. Everyone landed this waterfall beautifully! I think I even kept my eyes open ;)

After that, the rest of the run is a 2+ to 3 boulder garden that took us back to the take out. After giving away the prized schwag, we had one last adventure. A set of keys was locked in the car at the take out. After much deliberation, a tow truck was called to pop the lock and we finally ended the day. For some of us, the day was 12-14 hours long. But well worth it! A sincere thank you to everyone for their leadership, safety skills, and planning. Some of us would never attempt those waterfalls without your support. I hope to see you all out on the river again.

Writeup by Tracy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

EF Lewis Advanced Clinic

Saturday April 18, 2009 the OKCC held its last Advanced Clinic of the year. Although there are rumors of one more top secret class later in the Spring. Clinic participants spent a couple of hours practicing boofs and body posture while taking several laps over Sunset Falls. Then continued on and ran all the named drops like Sky Pilot, Screaming Left, Dragon's Back, John's Swimming Hole and Horseshoe Falls for the grand finally. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OKCC Intermediate Clinic

On April 4, 2009 the OKCC held its second Intermediate Clinic of the year. We spent a sunny day on the North Fork of the Kilchis learning group management and some stroke technique. It was a long 7 hour day on the river and I got the feeling everyone was somewhat relieved to get to the take out. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

OKCC Advanced Clinic March 2009

On March 22nd the OKCC held its Advanced Clinic at Opal Creek one of the most beautiful runs in the Northwest. It snowed, sleeted and rained on us all day but that didn't break the spirits of the students in this class. 
We worked on group dynamics and individual strokes and took about 6 hours to complete the run. Here is a short movie clip of the day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hotel Charley 4 Tour Announced

What is Hotel Charley you ask? Well, it's just the best darned kayaking film series known to humankind, which happens to be the product of some very cool people: Jesse Coombs and Ben Stookesberry.

Not only are these guys fantastic boaters and ambassadors for our sport, they are genuinely nice guys. Here the recently posted dates and locations for Hotel Charley 4 "At your Own Risk":

If you love adventure films, kayaking, both or just want to show your support for some really great guys, you owe it to yourself to come on out and see this film.

Hope to see you there!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Wilson River March 22nd - TR

The Wilson River's Jones Creek run is really a good run for Intermediate kayakers, although it proved to be pretty exciting Sunday. And I was glad I was able to introduce so many people to it. Eight of the 12 of us were on the run for the first time. Three hardy paddlers started by running the class 3 drop at the put-in, but most of us saved our first face full of water for a little later. A short distance down, there is a tree sticking out from the left bank right into the main flow. Most of us cut right of it, but a few had to challenge it. Not far past there is a long class 2 rapid that ends with the water slamming into the left bank and into a wide ledge hole. Here again most of us cut right on the green water, a few punched the hole, and one boater got several cartwheels before flushing out!

After that, our next excitement was at the S-turn down the right side. My advice wasn't too accurate for this water level, and we had to scramble to get left of the big hole about halfway down. It is a fun rapid, though. Then it's pretty easy boating for a while. There's a very broad gravel bar where the best line is to just keep going right. Most of the other channels shoal out.

This gravel bar feeds right into the first real gorge. There used to be a couple eddies above the entrance, but the ones that are there now are not very big and were bleeding through pretty strongly. I think that gravel bar above is getting washed down into that entrance area. Consequently we went through the gorge without any briefing. Perhaps the nastiest part is just before the entrance, where the water pillows on the right bank in a very turbulent manner. This nasty pillow caused a swim, one where the boater got to shore quickly, but the boat continued through the whole gorge. After hiking halfway, the intrepid boater swam the rest of the way to the boat. At this level, about 1,750 cfs, there were a number of eddies in the gorge that added to the fun of the run.

We stopped for lunch, with the sun shining, below the Footbridge parking area. Here is a nice sand and gravel beach, with restrooms conveniently up the footpath. Clouds and drizzle soon came, and we departed. Although the river lets up some after this point, there are still plenty of rapids, with a lot of wall shots and some turbulent eddies, good practice for more difficult water. It's been a while since I've boated below the Jordan Creek area, which comes after about 5 miles, so that added to the fun for me, although several people seemed to be thinking seriously, "When do we get to the take-out?" But it was worth continuing, with a couple more wall shots, two easy boulder gardens, and the nasty looking riverwide ledge that is easily passed on the left.

Our timing was not exactly perfect, arriving at the take out in the rain, but it just help speed things along to our ultimate destination at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Intermediate Trip Details, March 22nd

Spring is upon us! Water levels are still uncertain with the rain forecast. We're planning on the Wilson, Jones Creek section. We'll boat from the Smith Homestead parking to MP 15. Some of us ran last Monday and saw that everything is clear enough. Both Soggy Sneakers and Paddling Oregon haven't really given this run justice. Although it's class 3 or easier, there is plenty of variety and many playspots. And it's scenic. We're paddling something that is fun, challenging and educational! Timing and meeting place are at Contact Dick Sisson at for additional questions.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 22nd, Intermediate Run

Water levels are pretty uncertain with all this rain. Possibilities include the Molalla, Table Rock Fork put-in, Horse Creek through The Three Bears; Sandy River, Revenue to Dodge; Washougal as appropriate; or the Wilson, Jones Creek section. Paddling something that is fun, challenging and educational! Contact Dick Sisson at

Friday, March 13, 2009

Beginner Progression #4 in a series of about 6 - N. Santiam River, Packsaddle to Spencer's - March 6, 2009.

Due to the cold weather, we decided to run from Packsaddle down to Spencer's and stay there and play until everybody's fingers turned blue.

It was a great day on the water - 16 boaters, including two in IKs. We again split into two groups to keep the trip from being a total free-for-all.

No major carnage, lost gear, stitches required or discouraged kayakers. The river level was about 3500 cfs.

The Gold Star Award for the day goes to Kevin Lane with his 1st, 2nd and 3rd combat rolls - none of them in Spencer's!

Many thanks for the plethora of safety boaters who showed up in the wind, rain, hail and snow and special thanks to Dave Hoffman (again) for help with everything from leading and photography to showing off his trick moves in the middle of Spencer's. We have you on video!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Roaring River Whitewater Slalom

A meeting to plan the Roaring River Whitewater Slalom, to be held on the Clackamas River in late August, is scheduled for this Thursday, March 5th, at 7:00 p.m., in the Hillsdale neighborhood. If you have an interest in supporting or participating in this exciting and challenging paddling event, you may want to attend. For more information and specific location, e-mail me, Dick Sisson, at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Intermediate TR

Sunday, a group of us hit the Upper Klickitat (Salmon Hatchery to Leidl Campground) in Washington State for the Intermediate Trip. Final count at the put in was 15 paddlers, a great turn out for this trip and a testament to the hardiness of Pacific Northwest kayakers.

This run is classified as a Class III continuous, but with flows on the low side of good, it was closer to Class II+. That said, it appears that with some more water in this section it would be a whole lot of fun. The weather was relatively cold and there was some fresh snow on the ground, but everyone had a good time and enjoyed the stunning scenary and the 6 bald eagles we followed down river.

Here is a link to some photos taken during the trip, including a couple I took on the way home of the log in Husum...



Friday, February 20, 2009

Intermediate Trip - Sunday, Feb. 22

Hey Everyone,

This month's intermediate trip is set for the Upper Klickitat (Soggy Sneakers #159 or 160, depending on flows). These sections of the Klick are classified as continuous Class III and the water will likely be pretty cold, so paddlers should have a reliable combat roll.

I'm planning on this being a pretty long day, since we'll be working our way down river at a pretty deliberate pace. With this in mind, paddlers should plan to bring some munchies and water in their boats.

We'll be meeting at Lewis & Clark Park (the actual park, not the gravel lot off 84) at 9:30 a.m. to set up shuttle.

If you are not already on the trip list, please contact me at so I can have an accurate head count.

Also, the weather for Sunday doesn't look great, so if you are on the trip list and decide to stay home where it's warm, let me know via e-mail (today and Saturday) or by phone (Sunday a.m.) at 503-944-9655.

Take care and I'll see you Sunday a.m.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

WKCC Safety Weekend

The WKCC Safety Weekend is scheduled for June 13th and 14th this year, at Fisherman’s Bend Campground on the North Santiam River. This two-day introduction to swiftwater safety and rescue techniques will include topics such as knots, hydrotopography, kayak pin and foot entrapment extraction, paddling-appropriate warm-up and stretching exercises, mechanical advantage systems, swiftwater swimming, throw bag practice and how to deal with strainers.

Participants need to be members of the WKCC, $12 annually. Info is at:

The OKCC will not hold a Safety Day this year.

OKCC Membership Renewal

To simplify our systems, we are changing our membership renewal process. From now on, OKCC memberships will all expire on December 31st. Renewals will be for a one year period from January 1st to December 31st. In the past, each member had a particular renewal month.

During this transition year of 2009, all current memberships will extend through the end of the year. Memberships will need to be renewed for 2010. A corollary is that any membership started in 2009 will extend through 2010.

In the future, any membership started during October, November or December, the beginning of the winter boating season, will extend through the next year.

At $20 per year for an individual or household, OKCC membership is a real value. Members participate in scheduled trips, classes, pool sessions, social events and more at zero or reduced cost.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Presidents' Day Rogue Trip Report

Ten kayakers were part of a total of 48 OWA and OKCC boaters who launched on the Rogue Valentine's Day. Snow on the hills attested to the chilly conditions. Grave Creek Rapids always give a quick taste of what is to come, but it was easy cruising on down to Rainie Falls and through the Fish Ladder, although Erik made a nice run down the Middle Chute. Some of us hopped out to assist the rafts through, and many of them really needed the help, particularly some of the big cats.

From there it was on down through Tyee, Wildcat, the Howard Creek Chutes and Slim Pickens. All were pretty fun and enough activity to keep sufficiently warm. Plowshare is usually a tricky rapid, and it was up to its usual tricks, although we all came out right side up and in our boats at the bottom. Upper Black Bar, with its blind extreme right hand entry, was a challenge, with a bit of a pileup at the bottom, and a rockwall-assisted roll by one paddler.

Horseshoe Bend Camp was just a mile and a half cruise further, and we arrived early enough, at 1:15, that a couple of us went hiking, something I always enjoy doing on the Rogue. The Rogue River Trail runs all the way, top to bottom, on the north side of the river. It's a sketchy scramble up a way trail, though, to get to the main trail from Horseshoe Bend Camp. This camp is enormous and easily accomodated our large group.

We had a great Stroganoff dinner, a prelude to an evening of rain. Fortunately, Sunday dawned dry and slightly warmer than Saturday. At these flows, about 3,300 cfs at Agness, it's easy, pleasant cruising down to Mule Creek. We took our usual break there for a quick snack and stretch, reviewed the rapids to come, and then headed into Mule Creek Canyon. Everything was pretty straightforward as we passed Jaws, went through the S-Turns, passed Telfer's Hole and The Narrows, but Coffee Pot was pretty nasty. I slipped through on a sucking seam to turn around to see a compatriot do his second roll. Good work! Possibly looking for more excitement, one kayaker swam out. The toughest part is over after Coffee Pot, but it still took some scrambling to get him reunited with his boat and paddle. Fortunately, Ernie was waiting in his raft to assist.

Most first timers scout Blossom Bar, unless they are confident class 4 boaters, so we had an opportunity to hop out and take a good look at the rapid. It's long and complicated, but remarkably straightforward for skilled paddlers. We all had good runs. After Blossom Bar, the river lets up. Although Devil's Stair, right around the corner, caused another swim. At this flow, the entrance wave breaks pretty sharply and powerfully. With 5 miles to go to our camp at Tacoma, I cruised on ahead, since I was the Meal Captain for dinner. Boaters straggled in for the next hour and a half. Tacoma Camp is another really nice camp, roomy, with a large kitchen area. The meal of pasta with red sauce disappeared pretty fast.

Kitchen duties kept me from hiking in the afternoon, but at dawn I headed to the trail. Downriver, the trail crosses an unstable slide area, and when it seemed to go on that way forever, I headed back upriver past Tate Creek, which is more scenic anyway.

The 6 mile morning paddle out sometimes seems like a chore, but it starts with the 2 class 3 rapids, Tacoma and Clayhill, and it's really scenic. Once past the Clayhill Stillwater, the river starts moving again. Once more I spotted a bald eagle at Shasta Costa Creek. More often than not, there seems to be one there. I also spotted an otter just above the take-out, one of many seen by the group on this trip. Wonderfully, it was sunny and pleasant at the Foster Bar take-out. Snow in the hills required us to drive to Gold Beach and up 101 on our return.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Intermediate Trip - February 22, 2009

Mark your calendars, the second Intermediate Trip of the year will be Sunday, February 22, 2009. Meeting time, place and river to be announced.

If you are interested in attending, please e-mail me at


Jim Funk

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Revenue to Dodge - TR

Sunday, Feb 8, found the OKCC Beginner Progression on the Revenue to Dodge section of the Sandy River. Not really a beginner run, this stretch is a considerable step up from the old reliable Dodge to Oxbow run. It starts out pretty easy, though, and gets tougher as boaters continue. There are some nice boulder gardens and a few wall shots to keep things interesting. A few play spots appear along the way, but nothing worth writing home about. Flow was on the low side, 1,800 cfs at the Bull Run gauge location. At higher water, many of the rapids are washed out, but some are more formidable.

This day found 14 paddlers at the put-in, so we broke into two groups, an intermediate group and an advanced group. I led the intermediate group. A few of us caught a few waves and then did take the left hand route around the island that gave us a taste of the first boulder garden. We did so well, we headed down the most difficult drop without a shore scout, only a review from an eddy just above. Continuing this way produced a couple swimmers and a lost paddle. Fortunately, we had a spare paddle. Even more wonderful, the lost paddle resurfaced as the advanced group came through the rapid, and it was returned to its appreciative owner.

The sun came out, and everything was wonderful. We continued on, making our lines and having a few learning opportunities. Everyone did great!

Again I reflected that this is an underutilized run. It's got quite a bit of variety, and it's nearby.

Right now, Lusted Road is closed between Dodge and Bull Run / Revenue, so the shuttle is 8.2 miles rather than 4.4, but that's not much of a problem. Parking at the Revenue Bridge is also a bit of a problem, but we just used the area at the junction a couple hundred yards above the bridge and carried the boats down. SYOTR...

safety talk pictures courtesy of Dave Hoffman /

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Advanced Class TR

Fourteen paddlers turned out for the first Advanced Class of the season. We spent the morning at the North Fork Reservoir, first with throw rope practice and then with practice on the water. Emphasis was on edge control. One fun excerise was paddling inside circles on edge, both forwards and backwards - try it sometime. Michael again spoke of the importance of keeping one's weight forward, "Lead with the heart!"

Our afternoon was devoted to a Fish to Bob's run. Here the emphasis was on using rudder strokes to control the boat exiting eddies. Soon it included using as few strokes as possible to make the ferry and return. Us paddlers achieved widely varying degrees of success. Then we were on downstream where the adventuresome made repeated runs through the hole in Armstrong Rapids. Everyone had good runs at Carters, including several through the reversals left of center. Slingshot provided another challenge for catching eddies, since even the 'nice' eddy on the left is a boily backeddy and the one on the right is a boily microeddy! Lots of fun.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beginner Progression Trip - February 8th

Hi Everyone,

Mark your calendars for the Beginner Progression's next trip: Sunday, February 8, 2009.

Tentatively, the group is planning on paddling Dodge to Oxbow, but final decisions on the run, meeting time and place will be made as the date draws closer.

Contact Sue Scheppele ( if you are interested in attending or providing safety for the trip.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Beginner/Intermediate Trip - Dodge to Oxbow

Fifteen hardy kayakers tramped through the snow Sunday to put in at Dodge Park for the first Beginner/Intermediate trip of 2009. At 2,130 cfs, water covered many of the rocks but was not pushy. Waves in the middle of Pipeline Rapid prompted one swim - I've usually aimed more for the left side of the main flow. The wave at the bottom was tempting to the surf-inclined boaters, but few got very good rides. The wave right of center a couple rapids down also got quite a bit of attention and provided much better rides. Does anyone have names for these rapids, besides Pipeline? Then down past the long playground, the breaking wave at the bottom got a lot of interest, but again not too many good rides.

The rapid a half mile above Indian John Island caused one more swim. It used to be the left channel had the most flow and had a good wave or two in it, but over the last year or so, the middle channel has been eroded deeper and most of the flow goes there. The old left channel is bony and pretty treacherous to the unsuspecting.

From here on out, it was paddle, paddle, paddle. The river is pretty flat and relatively featureless. We saw many fishermen, most running cats down the river. I did not see any fish.

To avoid the entry fee and the slow, tedious drive through Oxbow Park, we took out at the youth camp immediately down stream. This location is about 1 1/2 miles past the boat ramp at Oxbow. It was a beautiful day with fresh snow in the trees, but blue sky and sun overhead. Thanks to Jim and Shell for leading the trip.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

TR - Beginning Intermediate Class, January 17

We started the day with some safety talk, played a game to learn one anothers' names and practiced with throw bags. Then we talked about some real river scenarios where throw bags are involved and what throw bags can and can't do. Then we played some more games to put throw bags into practical applications.

Next we got into our boats and played some games for paddle warm ups. Learned the differences in strokes and experimented with applying the paddle stoke techniques while paddling in a straight line, on edge and in circles.

After we played another game, we got out for some snacks.

We loaded up and headed up river, buddied up and discussed the safety signals we'd be using on the river.

We ran Fish to Bobs and the water was at a good level. This being my first season of kayaking, I personally don't remember paddling at this level: 2600 cfs.

It was good fun with swift water, some newly defined eddies and slightly pushy rapids. First we practiced ferrying and entering eddies at the top even with rocks in the way.

The first rapid around the corner toward Armstrong snagged a couple in the eddies against the wall since the eddy had a rather steep recirculating barrier, but everyone kept their head and we were quickly heading down the river. (All 18 paddlers)

We practiced ferrying and eddy crossing again and applied the stokes we had practiced earlier. That was all good fun with safe swift water and some surfing took place.

Armstrong Bridge rapid and Slingshot didn't pose any problems. We scouted Carter Bridge rapid. It was more open than I had seen before but we all ran the normal line of river left with a hard merge to avoid the holes past the submerged fan rock. I flipped and had a battle with the river for my paddle and made the mistake of thinking I had won the battle and relaxed to roll. Paul was right on top of my boat but unknowingly, I got out of my boat since I wasn't able to hand roll. (never had tried before that)

It was amazing to see Michael go down Rock n Roll holding his paddle in the air to show us the line.

Toilet Bowl was the most fun I have ever had in that rapid. Somehow I didn't keep my paddle AGAIN and just spun round and round. I came up, I went down, up, down. Loads of fun! Hilarious but I guess you had to be there. Four or 6 paddlers swam through this rapid but I didn't hit any rocks :)

The day was long and everyone seemed like they had a great time. I can hardly wait to become a more solid paddler! A year or two and my paddle runs will be wide open. Now to find a leash to attach my paddle to my neck. See if I can't hold on to the bugger. My friends all say, it is hard to drop a paddle with pogies on. I think the river can take it anytime she wants if I'm not vigilant.

THANKS TO MICHAEL AND PAUL plus the class for an awesome day!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beginner/Intermediate Trip Sunday (1/25/09)

I'll be leading the first beginner/intermediate trip of the year this coming Sunday, January 25, 2009. Runs under consideration include Revenue to Dodge or Dodge to Oxbow on the Sandy or Glen Avon Bridge to Feyrer Park on the Mollala. Final decision on river and meeting time/place will be made on Friday.

All runs are considered Class II/III, depending on flows, so boaters should be comfortable in that type of water.

If interested, drop me an e-mail, so I can get an idea of how many we will have.

Come on out and enjoy our wonderful Oregon winter.

See you on the river...

Jim Funk
V.P. Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rogue Trip Presidents' Day

The OWA/OKCC Rogue Trip will run over Presidents' Day, February 14, 15 and 16. A slideshow from the Veterans' Day trip last November is running over on the right hand column. There is room for one or two more kayakers on this really fun event.

We're Up!

The OKCC has changed to a blog system to provide up to date information to its members and interested boaters. The blog replaces the newsletter. The blog is much more timely and is less costly too. We'll have information about upcoming events as well as trip reports on recent events. Welcome!