Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beginner Progression #1 – Summer/Fall ‘09

Nineteen boaters showed up for the 2009 summer kickoff of the OKCC Beginner Progression. We ran the classic Barton to Carver, but at 1500-1600 on the 3Lynx gauge, there were only a few good eddies to practice in, and fishermen had taken over one of them.

Thanks to numerous safety boaters, there were only a few minor yard sales and no real carnage. Note to new boaters: Have floatbags actually in your boat and attach all outfitting.

Most of the swims happened while practicing eddy turns, but as a major point of the trips is to provide a safe environment for practicing boat handling skills, that was great. Keep up the good work!

We had an interesting collection of IKs and hardshells, but no canoes this trip – although canoes are welcome. Keep in mind these trips usually don’t stop for lunch.

It was great to see both new and old faces on the river; please come back next month.

July's trip – subject to river levels – will be McIver to Paradise Park. If time permits, we’ll do it twice. Email okccbeginner@gmail.com the week prior to the event for up-to-date information.

For questions about the beginner trips, email sue@scheppele.com or acwakeman@comcast.net.

Beginner Progression Schedule:

July 12 - McIver to Paradise – subject to water conditions

Aug 9 - TBA

Sep 13 - TBA

Oct 11 - TBA

Nov 8 – TBA

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