Sunday, February 1, 2009

Advanced Class TR

Fourteen paddlers turned out for the first Advanced Class of the season. We spent the morning at the North Fork Reservoir, first with throw rope practice and then with practice on the water. Emphasis was on edge control. One fun excerise was paddling inside circles on edge, both forwards and backwards - try it sometime. Michael again spoke of the importance of keeping one's weight forward, "Lead with the heart!"

Our afternoon was devoted to a Fish to Bob's run. Here the emphasis was on using rudder strokes to control the boat exiting eddies. Soon it included using as few strokes as possible to make the ferry and return. Us paddlers achieved widely varying degrees of success. Then we were on downstream where the adventuresome made repeated runs through the hole in Armstrong Rapids. Everyone had good runs at Carters, including several through the reversals left of center. Slingshot provided another challenge for catching eddies, since even the 'nice' eddy on the left is a boily backeddy and the one on the right is a boily microeddy! Lots of fun.

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