Friday, February 20, 2009

Intermediate Trip - Sunday, Feb. 22

Hey Everyone,

This month's intermediate trip is set for the Upper Klickitat (Soggy Sneakers #159 or 160, depending on flows). These sections of the Klick are classified as continuous Class III and the water will likely be pretty cold, so paddlers should have a reliable combat roll.

I'm planning on this being a pretty long day, since we'll be working our way down river at a pretty deliberate pace. With this in mind, paddlers should plan to bring some munchies and water in their boats.

We'll be meeting at Lewis & Clark Park (the actual park, not the gravel lot off 84) at 9:30 a.m. to set up shuttle.

If you are not already on the trip list, please contact me at so I can have an accurate head count.

Also, the weather for Sunday doesn't look great, so if you are on the trip list and decide to stay home where it's warm, let me know via e-mail (today and Saturday) or by phone (Sunday a.m.) at 503-944-9655.

Take care and I'll see you Sunday a.m.


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